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Allan S. Feingold


To effectively counsel a client in any realm of business or personal undertaking, we believe an attorney must have a broad knowledge of the many factors that will bear on, and will result from, the client's actions.   In maintaining a multi-faceted practice, we recognize that the business and personal spheres of a client's life inevitably overlap, and that legal issues are not isolated events.

An anticipated business formation - or dissolution - must be viewed in the context not only of finances, but also its impact on personal relationships. A business purchase or formation depends on, and also impacts, family life and finances.    Anticipated litigation must be viewed in the context not only of its cost in relation to its benefits, but its impact on a client's life and finances. The probate of a deceased relative's estate is intertwined with family relationships. The drafting of even a simple will requires consideration of the age, abilities, and status in life of anticipated beneficiaries.

Frequently, we are are called upon to gauge the probability of a lawsuit being filed against our client, and to further gauge the probability of success in the event such a suit occurs. Our litigation experience qualifies us to advise our client as to the best course of action.

We are able to share our extensive experience with you, to make sure not only that you understand your rights and liabilities in the specific context of the matter under consideration, but also that you are aware of the impact the legal issues have on the personal and financial spheres of your life.  The diversification of our practice enables us to provide that to our clients.

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