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Email Policy

The Law Offices of Allan S. Feingold appreciates receiving e-mail from our Web site visitors. However, we abide by professional ethics standards that
prohibit us from agreeing to represent you or accepting information
regarding any specific legal question(s) you may have until we know that doing
so will not create a conflict of interest between you and any of our
existing clients. Therefore, please do not send us information about any specific
legal matter until such time as we have agreed to represent you.

If you have a question about a specific legal matter, please
click the "Contact Me" button below. We will explain our conflict checking
procedure and perform a conflict check at no cost. Once we complete our
conflict checking procedure, if no conflict exists we can then begin
discussing your specific legal issue(s) in order to determine if the firm
would be able to handle your case.

Please click the contact us link if you understand and accept
the foregoing statement and wish to proceed.

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